RESOURCE: Helpful Websites for Small Business CSR

It's time for another list of helpful resources for small business. Enoy!

Intangibles and CSR
Source: Business for Social Responsibility (via GreenBiz)

Understanding how value is created through assets like knowledge, expertise, and operating systems -- the "intangibles" -- is integral to understanding how long-term wealth can be created and enhanced through strong CSR (corporate social responsibility) performance. Published in April 2006, this business brief explores the multifaceted link between a company's "intangible assets" and CSR. The brief provides a framework for better understanding the business case for CSR.

Sustainability Engagement Boosts Financial Performance
Source: Ethical Corporation (via Greenbiz)

The research arm of a leading sustainable investment fund has produced a new report grading more than 1200 companies by their preparedness in terms of environmental and other CR issues, providing more evidence for a link between non-financial and financial performance. The research, published jointly with consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers, represents one of the most complete efforts so far to compare companies, and sectors, based on their non-financial performance.

Zero Footprint

Zerofootprint’s goal is to connect people who care about the environment for the purpose of reducing ecological footprint. The organization aims to be the world’s foremost content hub for green, linking millions of people from across the globe engaged in sustainable commerce, and helping to inform people, who want to strive toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Of particular note is the Green Events section, where readers can find environmental events in their local area.