RESOURCES: Keeping Your Employees Happy

A new Hudson Survey reveals that the age of your workforce has an impact on how to keep your employees happy. The results? Younger workers want more feedback from managers, greater access to management, and social interaction with their bosses than their older counterparts. They are also (not surprisingly!) more likely to appreciate email and instant message communications.

So as you start 2007, think about how your management style appeals to different generations, and how you might improve employee-management relations. And for a quick employee morale boost, check out this article on low-cost perks that will make your staff thrilled to call you their boss:

While large companies have long touted major corporate perks, including tuition payments and daycare on site, many smaller businesses are now providing plenty of attractive low-cost perks that are having some very positive results. If you're thinking of doing something more than giving your "Employee of the Month" the best parking space, here are 20 possibilities for you to consider.

Our favorites?

Work from home days—not only do they allow employees to catch up on work in a slipper-friendly atmosphere, it's also a great way to eliminate the environmental impacts of a long commute.

Community service days—make a difference in the local community and build a sense of teamwork.

Yoga classes—get centered, improve health and wellness, reduce stress…and get your butt out of that desk chair!