RESOURCES: Making an Employee Handbook

One of the biggest challenges facing small business is finding the balance between flexibility and formality—between innovation and stability. When is it okay to fly by the seat of your pants, and when are rules and guidelines necessary for success?

While each situation is different, one area is clear: when it comes to managing a successful workplace, an employee handbook is essential. And this article from Inc. will show you how to go about constructing a solid handbook that benefits you and your employees.

An employee handbook should explain more than rules. It offers you the opportunity to set expectations and communicate your company's mission and culture as well. What is an employee handbook? Is it the rules you expect your employees to follow? Is it a marketing piece designed for future employees? Or does it provide a roadmap to make business decisions that impact employees? It all depends on the message you want to deliver.

What should you include? The article suggests the following outline to get you started:

-- Introduction

-- Employment Policies

-- Employee Conduct

-- Compensation

-- Benefits

-- Leaves of Absence

-- Health and Safety

-- Employment Separation

Read the article for more information, and get started on your employee handbook today!