Whether it is at a birthday party, graduation, wedding, or just because, everyone loves cake. However, the good people at Warren Brown’s CakeLove take the enjoyment of cake to the next level. Located in Silver Spring, Maryland and U Street in DC, CakeLove is a “green” cake enthusiasts dream.

Warren Brown left his life as a lawyer and founded CakeLove in 2002. With a deep passion for baking Brown has found success in his passion while including selection of “green label” cakes. Brown’s green label cakes include: Vegan; Gluten-free; Reduced-fat; and All Natural Sugars.

On top of their health conscious cake choices, CakeLove also offers classes in baking and decorating. They even have classes specifically tailored to the hearing impaired with an ASL certified interpreter.

CakeLove also works with charities, specifically Kid Power DC. Now people with a socially responsible sweet tooth can have their cake and eat it too! Check it out at CakeLove.