EVENT: Webinar - Principles of Sustainability

Right now, there are many changes occurring in the world, the most obvious is climate change and the new mainstream attention towards sustainability. There are dozens of frameworks and strategies for dealing with these changes, and yet there is little discussion about the meaning of sustainability for individuals and organizations. If we want to move in a sustainable direction we must first understand what it means at a basic level: what is sustainability in principle, and how can we develop technologies and cultures that are sustainable? As business leaders, we have an important role in shaping the emerging paradigm. This presentation will focus on understanding principles for sustainability so that we can design from a whole systems perspective and truly be creative.

Strategic Sustainability Consulting is pleased to offer "Principles of Sustainability", an interactive webinar designed to help participants understand a conceptual model for sustainability so that our decisions are rooted in conscious actions. In this 90-minute event, you’ll learn:

¨ A basic understanding of how you interact within our global system and how this is critical for developing strategic sustainability plans

¨ Key questions to investigate in your life and organization

¨ How to bring alive the creativity within you to develop truly sustainable practices, cultures and systems

Strategic Sustainability Consulting is pleased to have Miriam Karell and Ingrid Jacobson facilitate this workshop. Miriam Karell is a sustainability strategist and the founder of Three Point Vision, a company that inspires business leaders to integrate community, creativity and consciousness into their daily operations. Ingrid Jacobson is an experienced educator and facilitator for teams and individuals. She is currently consulting with Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, CA to develop a long term sustainability strategy for their "green collar" jobs campaign.

Cost: $50

Register at: www.sustainabilityconsulting.com (click "Events")