PEOPLE: Meet the SSC Summer Team

We're so pleased to have a great team of research and marketing interns this summer--they are an amazing group of talented students and recent grads that are making a huge contribution to our work. Read on for their details...

Anders Edvardsen is a Norwegian MBA (strategic management) student living in New York. He also holds a MSc in Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School, with a minor degree in Sustainable Business. He has worked as a research assistant for a political / philosophical think tank in Copenhagen, as well as in marketing research for the Danish branch of the Nielsen Company. He is especially interested in organization wide strategic sustainability planning and the integration of sustainability issues into long term vision and core business practices.

Britt Hinchliff is currently a 4th year student at the University of California- Berkeley studying Business Administration and Public Policy. Her interest in sustainability began 3 years ago when she realized that companies could actually be positive actors in the world and make a significant impact. She has experience in the business and non-profit sectors, and being born in Brazil and raised in Latin American, she speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

Christina Benz has a B.S. in Business-Marketing from Indiana University an MBA from The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She spent her MBA studies focusing on sustainable enterprise and won the Net Impact National Case Competition in 2006. She will spend this summer sizing up the sustainability "score card" for multiple North Carolina businesses and conducting research for strategic sustainability initiatives. Her enthusiastic approach, progressive market insights, blend of public and private sector expertise, and expansive network of experts and organizations help her clients generate business value by integrating sustainability into their marketing and overall business strategies.

Denise Buhrau, a native of Germany, is currently pursuing a PhD in Consumer Behavior and Marketing at Tulane University. She has an abiding interest in consumer judgment and decision making. Her interest in sustainability is based on her own acknowledgement of a discrepancy between environment-related behavior in the US and in Germany. Through her internship, she wants to understand and learn about sustainability-related issues at the practical level. Denise enjoys mountain biking, playing the drums, and conducting an orchestra.

Erik Rainey is a 2006 graduate of the University of Rochester where he studied Japanese Language and Culture and Political Science. He currently lives in Miyazaki, Japan teaching English to high school students as a part of the JET Program. Erik is a 2006 StartingBloc Fellow and is interested in pursuing a career in sustainability consulting.

Frankie Cheung studied computer science at NYU and has worked almost two years in a business management role for a technology division of Merrill Lynch. After watching Al Gore's documentary, "The Inconvenient Truth," Frankie became increasingly aware of the problems facing the world today. As a result, he is currently exploring the field of sustainability as one of the paths toward a rewarding career where one can contribute to the solutions of the some world's problems. Currently, he is interested in green building, ecological footprinting, and corporate responsibility reporting.

Rose Carbonell is currently an MA candidate of Florida State University and will be graduating in just a few months. She's from Brazil, where she worked for Philips Electronics in the Social Sustainability department. Her job in Brazil allowed Rose to work with many non-profit organizations and in many ways changed her goals in life. Now, she would like to use her skills to help build a better world.

Scott Kleiman has spent summers pruning vineyards and building pig-pens as a farmhand at Spannocchia, an organic farm in Italy, and teaching teens about food, nutrition, and cooking at the youth development organization Brainfood in Washington, D.C. He graduated cum laude from Middlebury College in 2006 with a degree in political science and was Spring 2007 Fellow at the StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation. While an undergraduate, Scott cooked for Dolci, Middlebury's Student-Run Restaurant, sat on Community Council, and was an active member of Ross Commons.