PEOPLE: SSC Interns - Where Are They Now?

Every once in a while we like to check in with our former interns. Read on for updates!

Alicia Godlove was an intern with SSC during the summer of 2007, working on a Green Office Audit and Strategic Action Plan. Since completing her internship, Alicia entered the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara to get her Master of Environmental Science and Management. She is specializing in Corporate Environmental Management and is involved with Engineers Without Borders at UCSB.

Anders Roe Edvardsen was an intern with SSC during the summer of 2007, working on different projects including drafting several research papers on topics such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Corporations, the UN Global Compact and Eco-Efficiency Indicators. Since completing his internship, Anders has been focusing on finishing his MBA degree in strategic management at Pace University with excellent results. He has also been traveling the east coast of the United States, doing trips to Europe and recently visitedEthiopia in order to experience different cultures and learn about local sustainable entrepreneurship. Anders is currently preparing for his graduation through job searches in management/strategy/sustainability consulting and the energy sector. He is looking for jobs in both the US and in Europe.

Britt Hinchliff was an intern with SSC during the summer of 2007, working on compiling a database of sustainability tips. Since completing her internship, Britt has been studying business in Barcelona, Spain, while working on her Spanish. She plans to graduate in May 2008 from UC-Berkeley and is currently looking to work in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Christina Benz was an intern with SSC during the summer of 2007, working on sustainability strategy consulting, ecological footprint assessments and business development. Since completing her internship, Christina has written a business plan for the Institute for Sustainable Development in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and conducted a water impact assessment for a publicly-traded mining company. As an independent consultant, Christina is currently researching a leading company in the agricultural industry to write an MBA case study on product stewardship in emerging markets, and is looking for further opportunities in sustainability strategy (i.e. risk mitigation, carbon footprint assessments, stakeholder engagement development and/or assessments, etc.), and/or sustainability-related marketing communications (i.e. transparency and competitive benchmarking, market research, CSR reporting, etc).

Erik Rainey was an intern with SSC during the summer of 2007, working on a Green Office Audit for a key client and the SSC Sustainability Action Plan for small businesses. Since completing his internship, Erik has finished his teaching position in Japan and returned to the United States where he is developing software for a small telecommunications firm. Erik is soon relocating to San Francisco and looking for a position in the sustainability consulting field.

Lori Kitchen was an intern with SSC during the spring of 2007, working on: calculating Eco Footprints and creating recommendations for organizations to reduce their carbon output; assisting with webinar presentations; and researching and writing projects such as reference guides for a CSR workbook. Since completing her internship Lori graduated from American University with a B.A. and accepted a position as a Program Assistant at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). At USAID Lori is working on global health issues especially involving maternal and child health and sustainable programming.

Scott Kleiman was an intern with SSC during the summer of 2007, supporting SSC's engagement with a large research-based nonprofit and contributing to SSC's forthcoming book, Sustainability 101: A Toolkit. Since completing his internship, Scott has joined Ceres, a nonprofit organization that partners with investors, environmental groups, and other stakeholders (SSC among them) to encourage companies and capital markets to strategically incorporate and address environmental and social challenges. In his role as Program Fellow, he manages special projects supporting Ceres' operations, and works with the Communications and Corporate teams on a variety of initiatives.