EVENTS: Save Money by Going Green - A Webinar

Save Money by Going Green

An Interactive Webinar from Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Thursday, October 30 @ 1 pm EST

In these tough economic times, it’s easy to brush off “going green” as something for another day. Not so fast! We’ll show you how making simple environmental changes can positively impact your bottom line. And for each suggestion, we’ll include a calculator so that you can measure the environmental benefits and financial savings to your company. You’ll be surprised by how the little things add up!

SSC is pleased to offer “Save Money by Going Green”, an interactive, web-based event designed to provide you with practical suggestions for “green” improvements that can save your company money. In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

- 9 ways to save money in 2009 by “going green”

- How to calculate savings for your own organization

- Ideas for how to get “greener” for no additional cost

There is no cost to attend, and all you need to participate is a computer with an internet connection (for the web portion) and a telephone line (to hear the speaker). Sign up at our website: