PEOPLE: Meet the Fall 2008 Intern Team

We’re so pleased to have a great team of research and marketing interns this fall–they are an amazing group of talented students and recent grads that are making a huge contribution to our work. Read on for their details…

Michelle Lopez has spent the last 10 years working in non-profit human rights and development organizations.  She also has a background in social sustainability issues, and is particularly interested in how organizations and companies can cut their carbon emissions while maintaining a productive and happy workforce.

Lenora Mathis received her undergraduate degree from Austin College, and a Masters from Texas Women’s University. She works in the green and sustainable department at Cedar Valley College where she specializes in educating the public about general sustainable development practices including sustainable development.  She is also currently a law student at Texas Wesyelan University.

Megha Varma has a professional background in labor and social justice organizing. She worked for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) where she specialized in representing healthcare workers. She then went on to earn a MA in Planning and Sustainable Development from University College Cork in Ireland. She has particular interest in sustainable urban design.