EVENT: Master Class Webinar Series for Chief Sustainability Officers

Are you the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) at your organization—either formally or informally? Interested in becoming a CSO in the future? Do you feel prepared to lead your company or non-profit down the road to a sustainable future? Do you have the right tools and concepts to guide you? Do you know how to integrate sustainability into the core of the business, so that all employees are empowered to make good choices?

We’ve developed this series of online webinars to prepare new CSOs (or CSR Directors, Sustainability Program Managers, Green Champions, etc.) to effectively tackle the challenges of being an internal sustainability champion. With our instruction and your hard work, you’ll create a strategic sustainability plan that ties it all together and makes social and environmental responsibility a meaningful and measurable component of your organization’s success.

This CSO Master Class Series is a 10-week course of weekly interactive, web-based sessions on a variety of sustainability topics, plus professional assistance in helping to develop your own sustainability plan. From understanding your role as a CSO to assessing key impacts, from conducting a stakeholder analysis to setting effective goals—this series has been designed to give you the theoretical and practical foundation you need to be an effective Chief Sustainability Office.

- Classes begin January 6th (10 weeks in total)

- Online sessions mean you can participate from anywhere!

- Cost is $2,500

- Class is limited to eight participants

Download the class syllabus here, with information on everything you need to know!

Sign up at our website: www.sustainabilityconsulting.com. And remember that the cost of this course may be covered by your organization—ask about getting reimbursed! (One partial scholarship for a non-profit CSO is also available). For more information, email us at info@sustainabilityconsulting.com.