NEWS: Terrabytes Consulting Launches New Green IT Community Website

We’ve worked with the folks at Terrabytes Consulting before, and can say that their Green IT Guide and Toolkit is exactly the right package for a small business wanting to take their Green IT program to the next level. Check out their exciting news below. — The SSC Team

VICTORIA, BC – Terrabytes Consulting, a Green Information Technology (“green IT”) consulting firm, proudly announces the launch of the new community website. Terrabytes Consulting provides products and services to help IT organizations reduce environmental impact, save money and simplify operations while doing so.

In these uncertain economic times, all businesses will be looking for ways to reduce costs. Green IT practises offer many quickly-implemented projects that can produce immediate cost savings. In addition, the business climate is such that encouraging energy conservation and reduction of paper consumption, for example, are easy concepts to sell. offers a comprehensive Green IT Guide to help you get informed and take action on reducing both the environmental impact and the operating efficiency of your office equipment.

With the launch of the new website, now offers a richer, more interactive learning experience for visitors. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, discuss green IT topics with other visitors, and contribute comments and white papers, all while still benefiting from our researched content. We have also announced two on-line seminars for November 27, 2008 and December 4, 2008 introducing and demonstrating green IT practises.

At Terrabytes Consulting, we passionately believe that the most significant learning comes from engaging with other professionals and having lively discussions on the benefits and challenges of making changes for a more sustainable future. We encourage everyone, not just IT professionals, to visit and engage in the activities we provide and let us know what would be useful to you!

Terrabytes Consulting ( is a Victoria BC-based, Green Information Technology firm whose mission is to provide easy-to-use and cost-saving sustainable IT solutions to IT professionals. For more information about the company, contact For more information about green IT, visit