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Extra! Extra! Read all about Strategic Sustainability Consulting in this month’s issue of – SSC was interviewed and asked to provide insight on the important role employees can play in greening business. With a circulation of over 2 million subscribers, is a great way to spread the word about how easy creating more sustainable businesses can be.

This article shares a story about how the founder of a payroll and HR solutions provider not only ensured that recycled materials and energy-efficient lighting were incorporated in its new offices, but also engaged 14 employees in a Green Team to brainstorm other ways the company can be a good corporate citizen. This level of employee engagement supports the recent findings that over 50% of adult employees feel their companies should do more to be environmentally friendly. I noted in the interview that giving employees these opportunities to contribute outside of the scope of their daily responsibilities creates a sense of ownership and loyalty that conventional employee retention programs do not. These environmentally and socially responsible initiatives give smaller companies the edge needed to compete with bigger corporations.

And for all the executives and senior managers reading out there, here’s a key takeaway for you – lead the initial green efforts by choosing one employee from each department to serve on the Green Team, and work with them to create the scope of the team and set goals for the upcoming year. Help them get of the ground, then stay in the loop and make sure information consistently flows up to the “C” suite.

Read the entire article here:
Green Team: Make your employees part of the solution by tapping them for environmentally friendly ideas
by Chris Penttila, Entrepreneur Magazine April 2008

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