NEWS: SSC publishes new book - A Recipe for Going Green: Sustainability 101 for Restaurants

Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) is excited to announce a new addition to its online bookstore: A Recipe for Going Green: Sustainability 101 for Restaurant. This book is designed to help guide your restaurant on a path to sustainability. Its three sections work together to form a comprehensive resource for restaurant owners and managers, from initially asking the right questions to harnessing the entire restaurant community’s skills and enthusiasm—from simple steps for energy efficiency and water conservation to collaboration with communities to support local economies.

At SSC’s online bookstore, small businesses and individuals can purchase and download helpful tools with tips on sustainability and green living. Customers can choose from an extensive list of publications, such as SSC’s Sustainability 101 series, as well as a host of other useful publications with tips and advice for "going green." The material can be purchased and immediately downloaded to the desktop.

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Orders of more than 10 publications may qualify for a discount. Contact SSC at for more information.