PEOPLE: Meet our Spring 2009 Intern Team

We’re so pleased to have a great team of research and marketing interns this Spring-they are an amazing group of talented students and recent grads that are making a huge contribution to our work. Read on for their details…

Bari Levine is a senior Geography major at the University of Maryland, College Park with a concentration in Global Environmental Change. After conducting research on corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the business sector for a previous internship, Bari became interested in learning as much as she can about how businesses can positively contribute to the United States’ shift towards sustainability. Bari hopes to help the environment and combat climate change through the changing of business practices. Bari is from outside Philadelphia and enjoys spending time with family, friends, her many pets, and traveling.

Matthew Savage has 10 years of diverse experience, working for British Petroleum in both France and the UK before starting his own business. Matthew is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in International Economics. He has a particular interest in water conservation.

Tracy Jarvis, Ph.D. has a professional background in coaching, consulting, training, and academia. She ran a coaching and consulting business specializing in strategic change and alignment, and before that was a professor of American Politics. After a decade of serious interest in sustainability, she now wishes to move into the sustainability sector with a focus on communications and education.

Lucinda Brown has an MBA from Georgetown University and a BFA in Visual Communications from Syracuse University. As a member of an elite commercial real estate brokerage team on Wall Street, she represented two first class office buildings and Dean Witter Reynolds in a major lease transaction. While living in Mexico City, she gained first hand management experience as General Manager of the US’s second largest Embassy Employees Association in the world. Currently residing outside Washington, DC, Ms. Brown has also lived abroad in London, Florence and Rangoon. Her hobbies include paper making, jewelry making and home scale permaculture.