NEWS: Businesses Begin to Leave CoC over Climate Change Policies

Dispatch From SSC Intern Nick Foster

The official motto of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce seems comforting for any for-profit enterprise: Fighting For Your Business.  This statement, however, was not necessarily validated for some of its members due to the Chamber’s stance on climate change.  Some of these positions include opposition to regulation of GHGs under the Clean Air Act and threats of litigation against the EPA for claims that climate change may have devastating effects for human health. 

Pacific Gas & Electric, PNM Resources, and Exelon – three major utility companies – have all resigned from the organization based on its position on climate change and legislation. Green Century Funds, an institutional shareholder of Nike, advocated for the company to completely separate ties with the chamber, but to no avail.  However, Nike’s Vice President, James C. Carter, did give up his board position at the chamber.  A press release from the major sporting goods company on the issue states, “the chamber has not represented the diversity of perspective held by the board of directors.” 

For Exelon, their departure might be due to the fact that it operates more nuclear power plants than any other company in the U.S. and would benefit financially from legislations being passed.  Even if the actions of these companies stem from their commitment to being green, it demonstrates the growing trend for businesses to incorporate the idea to limit their use of resources and impact on the environment. 

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