Last week was yet another exciting and interesting one for us in the sustainability world. We dove in to business investments in renewable energy credits through the publication of our latest white paper, analyzed the withdrawal of companies from the US Chamber of Commerce, as well as what constitutes sustainable consumption, presented an exciting competition – the Solar Decathlon – and happily announced our upcoming presence at the DC Green Festival™. Read on!

White paper

  • Business Investments in Renewable Energy Credits: Learn what RECs are and how you can purchase them, what types of companies are investing in them and what their experiences have been. Get equipped to perform a cost-benefit analysis of whether Renewable Energy Credits are a smart investment for your company. Available free for a limited time only!

Views, News and Analysis

  • VIEWS: A Divided Climate: Recently, we witnessed two interesting developments in the realm of climate change action in the United States.  At the top of this list is the fact that several prominent businesses, including Nike and Apple, have withdrawn from the United States Chamber of Commerce.  
  • NEWS: Businesses Begin to Leave CoC over Climate Change Policies : This is happening due to the Chamber’s stance on climate change.  Some of these positions include opposition to regulation of GHGs under the Clean Air Act and threats of litigation against the EPA for claims that climate change may have devastating effects for human health. 
  • NEWS: Solar Decathlon Starting Today: Decathlons are no longer only for athletes according to the U.S. Department of Energy, who is be hosting its fourth Solar Decathlon competition beginning October 9.  Student teams from 20 colleges spent well over a year putting their engineering, architectural, and creative skills to the test in order to design a home that maximizes energy production and efficiency without sacrificing modern conveniences.   
  • EVENTS: Meet SSC at the DC Green Festival™ : SSC will be exhibiting at the Washington DC Green Festival™, a joint project of Global Exchange and Green America. This event will celebrate all the good things that work in our communities—across the District, Maryland and Virginia—for the people, for the business and for the environment.
  • ANALYSIS: Responsible Consumption Part 1: According to the Department of Energy, industry is directly responsible for more than 27% of total GHG emissions in the US, or 1.64 billion metric tons of CO2e. These industrial processes do not just emit pollution that contribute to global climate change but they are also responsible for an enormous amount of resource use, waste production, and toxic chemicals