VIEWS: Eating Out Without the Negative Impacts

Dispatch from SSC Intern Wendy Tng

Eating out, as we all know, can generate lots of waste. Disposable napkins, utensils and plates, for instance, are what we commonly confront at the more convenient lunch locations during our workweek.  

This past week however, I had the great pleasure of trying out a new street-food themed restaurant in Chicago’s River North district. Not only was the food amazing, the cups were compostable! Made from corn, these cups usually hold drinks up to 110F and fully degrade into water, carbon dioxide and organic material when composted. That’s a neat way of reducing the amount of waste from a restaurant’s operations, and I hope more businesses adopt practices such as this one.  

The Green Restaurant Association has other tips on how to reduce food waste and disposable products. What other innovations have you seen restaurants use to create more sustainable operations? I’d love to hear your views.