PEOPLE: SSC 2009 Summer Intern Team

We'd like to take a minute to welcome our new summer interns. They are an intrepid bunch with a wide-ranging skill set, and we're looking forward to tapping into their knowledge!

Elizabeth Vayda is a Baltimore native, who is graduating from Earlham College with a B.A. in Psychology. She is incredibly excited to acquire firsthand experience within the realm of sustainability, as she plans to attend graduate school for sustainable development. Her hope is to work within policy making to restructure the U.S. into a more environmentally friendly and sustainable country. In her spare time she loves camping, hiking, reading a good book, spending time with family and friends, traveling, singing, and oil painting.

Jason Wirick is pursuing a Masters in Business Administration focusing in social responsibility and corporate sustainability at Duquesne University. He has a wide variety of experience in project management and pre-construction estimating. Jason is interested in sustainable supply chains, carbon and energy audits, and green building. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, climbing, softball, and anything outdoors.

Tom D’Eri is an undergraduate student at Bentley University currently double majoring in Finance-Economic and Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability. He has previous experience in working with large corporations to develop sustainable initiatives. Tom believes that business innovation is the key to solving the world’s problems and is dedicated to finding solutions that both benefit business and the world that it operates in.

Julie Holst is a 2010 master's candidate at the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management and the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is specializing in Corporate Environmental Management as well as Pollution Prevention and Remediation. She is an instrument rated pilot and a part-time piano teacher at a studio that she founded herself. She is very excited to work with Strategic Sustainability Consulting this summer.

Paul Turaew received his B.A. as a double major in Political Science and Russian from Emory University and J.D. from Roger Williams University School of Law. After working in both the private and public sectors, he hopes to use his advocacy skills implementing energy efficiency practices and policy. He is particularly interested in technological advancements and the environmental and economic impacts of the domestic and international energy markets. Additionally, Paul wishes to build upon his knowledge of corporate social responsibility.

Emilia Pramova has an academic and professional background in communications, media and culture with specific expertise in communication psychology and online marketing & advertising. She was born in Bulgaria but has lived in Greece and Spain and is fluent in 4 languages. Her profound interest in sustainability topics lead her to Germany, where she is now pursuing a MSc in Sustainable Resource Management. She is striving to unite her two passions, communication and sustainability, and work on relevant campaigns in the business sector.

Crystal Kirsch is a graduate student in Natural Resources & Environmental Management (NREM) at Ball State University. She currently serves as the PR Representative for the NREM Dept., teaches introductory NREM courses and serves as student representative of the NREM Alumni Board. Keeping her horizons broad, she received two B.A.’s from Northern Illinois University in Anthropology & Journalism. In December 2008, she visited Costa Rica and Panama in an effort to learn their sustainable business techniques.

Barbara Summers is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Urban Sustainability at Bucknell University. She is very involved in sustainability issues on campus including leading workshops on solar energy and initiating sustainable cooperative housing. She is a native of Lakewood, Ohio. She has a particular interest in energy efficiency and green building.

Stephanie Castellano is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Humanities, Science, and the Environment at Virginia Tech. Her interest in sustainability began when she took a two-year course called Earth Sustainability. Stephanie now studies environmentally responsible behaviors through the Center for Applied Behavior Systems at Virginia Tech. In her free time, Stephanie loves to be outdoors, hiking, biking and taking photographs.

Alok Sinha is an MBA student at Kelley School of Business – Indiana University. He has worked in various roles in the financial services sector with Fidelity Investments and in the technology sector with Oracle Corporation. He has a keen interest in consulting and is pursuing a double major in Strategic Management and Finance. Alok is committed to the cause of Sustainability and Green initiatives and believes that this is the key to the future of all businesses. He has worked with several organizations in this period for over a decade including Green Peace International. Besides these he is a rock music enthusiast and likes to get outdoors for trekking and exploring the nature.