RESOURCES: Finding Money to Go Green

Our clients frequently ask us “where can we go to find grants, tax credits, tax deductions, and other incentives for greening our business (or non-profit)?”  We have a master list of ideas and comb through them to find the perfect fit for each client we work with.  But just in case you aren’t an SSC client (yet!), here are two articles from that are great places to start your hunt:

Ten Tips for Finding Grants to Make Your Business Greener: “To ease the burden, our industry experts offered this advice on how to find the best programs for your needs and how to increase your odds of winning their approval.

Show Me the Money: Uncovering Rebates and Grants to Help Boost Business Efficiency: “In theory, free money in the form of grants, rebates and incentives to help businesses become more efficient is everywhere. But in reality, how do you get your piece of the pie?”