NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

It has been a very exciting and diverse week here @ SSC, with developments ranging from insider views on sustainable real estate, bottled water and green events, to a comprehensive dissection of the recent climate change discussion.
In case you weren’t tuned in last week, here is a rundown of what happened:

  • Sustainable Real Estate

Get a glimpse of the multi-faceted aspects of making our built environment truly sustainable by listening to the podcast discussion with Archie Kasnet of Aedi Group. Click here to begin!

  • The Bottled Water Myth

Read the report and you will convince yourself (and others) to switch to tap water! Click here to begin!

  • Green Meetings and Events

With this free white paper you will minimize the negative environmental impacts of your meetings and events (and just keep the social & economic benefits). Click here to begin!

  • Climate Change – Urgent Matter

Climate change affects you and you cannot stay out of the debate! Inform yourself about the recent developments in our last 3 blog entries.

  1. Access everything you need to know about how global change will affect the US and the things you value by clicking here.
  2. While the government is debating on a new ground-breaking legislation that will cut national GHG emissions and provide tradable emission permits, get your Cap and Trade Primer by clicking here.
  3. And what about small businesses? Find out how the climate change debate is treating them by clicking here.