RESOURCES: Green and Sustainable Certification Programs

Dispatch from SSC Intern Emilia Pramova

Are your efforts in sustainability visible? Are you looking for ways to audit and improve your environmental performance or are you on the hunt for eco-certified suppliers?

Whatever your sustainability case, a certification might provide you with just the tool to communicate your green efforts to consumers, enter the green niche markets, continuously audit and improve your performance and/or select your suppliers based on their environmental actions.

Due to the increasing demand of consumers for recognizable green products, there are a lot of certifications out there and finding the right one for your business can be very challenging. California Green Solutions provides a comprehensive master list of Green and Sustainable Certification Programs for Businesses which includes initiatives both on a state and country level. Among others, you can find information about the following: Green Hotel Certification, California Building Certification Programs, WaterSense Label, CarbonFreeTM Certified Product, Ecologo Environmental Product Certification, Cradle-to-Cradle etc.

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