NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

The sustainability world is getting more complex and rich with inspiration and innovation. Last week we touched upon many such inspirational issues: from the added value that sustainability can bring to organizations (and also $ value!) to a new way of viewing industries in ecology; from the top 10 green building products to the new star in biofuels; from the Australian town that banned bottled water to many more inside views on sustainable public transit expansion, the climate bill and how to enhance sustainability by keeping your employees happy! Enjoy exploring below.

Sustainability brings value:

  • In our new podcast, Brian Setzler of Trilibrium - the first CPA firm built on the principles of sustainability – shares how his team is helping small businesses and individuals think about sustainability from a bottom line perspective , and how having an outside advisor (like a CPA) can bring added value to your social and environmental goals. Start listening here.
  • How about the monetary value? Our new white paper encompasses an overview of some of the business benefits of pursuing a sustainability agenda, with specific emphasis on how a "green" focus can benefit small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Start benefiting here.

More resources:

  • The Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy reintegrates industries back into ecology and brings social, economic and environmental values to the world of production and business. SSC intern Barbara Summers provides a brief summary of the Cradle-to-Cradle book here.
  • A new biofuel star is born! Learn all about Jatropha (named the future of biofuel) from SSC intern Elizabeth Vayda by clicking here.
  • And what about buildings and choosing the best green building products? It can be quite confusing with all the green-washing out there. SSC intern Emilia Pramova sheds light on the matter here.

Inside views from the SSC Team:

  • Alok Sinha reflects on the right political will behind the climate bill. Click here for his insights.
  • Emilia Pramova is happy about the Australian town that banned bottled water. Read more here.
  • Julie Holst celebrates the Washington D.C. Metrorail system’s sustainable expansion! See why by clicking here.
  • Crystal Kirsch thinks that businesses which support environmentally friendly behaviour, like bike riding, will have happier employees! See how by clicking here.

Stay tuned as more will follow!