NEWS: The 3rd SSC Green Auditor Certification Course Just Concluded

We just concluded with our third SSC Green Auditor certification course. The nineteen environmental consultants who completed the training are now authorized to use the SSC Green Audit methodology with their clients, and will receive preferential status when SSC seeks contractors for its own engagements. SSC now has a total of 41 certified green auditors!
Using SSC's proprietary methodology and tools, our certified auditors can help organizations:

  • Determine employees' attitudes and awareness about "going green"
  • Calculate their carbon footprint
  • Assess environmental strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement
  • Provide relevant, cost-effective, and impactful green recommendations

The SSC Green Auditor certification evolved out of a growing need for consistent, reliable Green Audit methodology. Our president, Jennifer Woofter just said:

With our third certification class, we're now seeing SSC Green Auditors in most major metropolitan areas and every new auditor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that we add to the program. Clients are excited to see that kind of training in their Auditor, and are more comfortable in working with a methodology that is being practiced rigorously and consistently across the county.

To learn more about the SSC Green Audit methodology, click here.

The next certified green auditor class will be offered at the end of August 2009! To learn more about becoming a Certified SSC Green Auditor, click