NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

If you are interested in renewable energy options for SMEs, how the government can spur innovation and also inspire by greening the White House, green non-profit grading, the upcoming rare-earth metal crisis, Wal-Mart’s sustainability index and the Strategy for Sustainability Business Manifesto – just click below because we covered it all last week @ SSC!

Renewable Energy for SMEs:

  • In our newest podcast, we talk with Lucinda Brown - an associate with SSC who has just completed a three month intensive look at renewable energy options for small businesses. Learn all about the options for SMEs in a practical hands-on look at the issue and also download Lucinda’s white paper for free (special bonus)! Begin by clicking here.
  • Renewable Energy Technologies for SMEs white paper – learn everything you need to know to begin implementing renewable energy technologies by clicking here.

More Resources:

  • Stephanie Castellano gives an insight on green non-profit/charity grading done by the American Institute of Philanthropy, so you can make the correct decision regarding your donations. Check it out here.
  • Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto is all about turning sustainability into an operational concept for business. Crystal Kirsch provides a comprehensive review of the book here.

Inside views from the SSC Team:

  • Jason Wirick considers the challenges that the Climate Change bill will have to face in the senate in his new blog post here. He also looks in to Wal-Mart’s official announcement regarding its upcoming sustainability labelling in another interesting post here.
  • Paul Turaew is happy to see that government policy can really spur innovation and gives the example of the incandescent bulb here. He also thinks that it’s time for the White House to become a Green House. Discover his views here.
  • Barbara Summers makes an interesting forecast that China’s rare-earth metal dominance might be the new oil crisis. Find all about it here.

Stay tuned for more interesting sustainability happenings here @ SSC.