SSC’s Podcast Sharing Brings Donation to the Environmental and Advocacy Education for Teens Project.

We are so happy to announce that our podcast sharing through granted us with a GlobalGiving gift certificate! We decided to donate to the Environmental and Advocacy Education for Teens project by Teens Turning Green.

Sharing knowledge is a good deed, but we didn’t know that it can directly lead to another good deed!

The newly launched CSRwire site offers many possibilities for organizations to share their news & knowledge about socially responsible practices. One of them is the CSRwire Live section, where we have been posting our podcasts. Our content contribution earned us a GlobalGiving gift certificate to redeem in a charity project of our choice. This proves once again that the CSRwire team does not only aim at securing revenues from press release credits (sold to organizations for their CSR publicity purposes) but really wants to promote socially responsible practices among businesses world-wide. And this they do through the diverse content sections from which all organizations can learn and get inspired!

We donated to Teens Turning Green which is...

a national movement of teens transforming the world through investigating harmful exposures in daily lives, schools and communities, advocating for change in policy and habits to protect our world, and educating peers and the community about healthier choices. Through collaborative change, these young leaders inspire us all to work towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

... and specifically to the Environmental and Advocacy Education for Teens project. Our gift certificate secured one school presentation which has the potential to stimulate real change and shape a better future.

GlobalGiving will be sending us authentic progress updates, the minute they are posted by the project representatives. We will know all about how our contribution is being put to work, and the results that are being achieved. GlobalGiving connects individuals and organizations to over 450 pre-screened grassroots charity projects around the world. It's an efficient, transparent way for one to make an impact. And we will continue to contribute as we continue to share knowledge.

To learn more about the charity project and Teens Turning Green click here.