RESOURCES: Intuit Green Snapshot – Free Carbon Accounting Application for SMEs.

Dispatch from SSC Intern Emilia Pramova

Intuit, the financial management software company, just launched Green Snapshot - a free web service for carbon accounting. This SaaS (software as a service) product aims at the same market as most of Intuit’s products: small and midsized companies. Green Snapshot comes to the rescue for those who don’t have the time and resources to calculate their carbon footprint, let alone take action to reduce it.

It is pretty easy to understand how this program operates. It automatically analyzes your Quickbooks data (Intuit software for financial accounting – you can download a starter’s version for free), gathers the various payments you've made, and taps an online database that assigns a rough carbon equivalent to each of the payees. It instantly creates a carbon footprint analysis and also provides a set of recommendations on how to lower it.

It is an online, small business application that offers your business personalized recommendations to help save money, reduce your environmental impact, and tell your customers about your green efforts. The more actions you take on the recommendations provided, the more carbon (and dollars) you save. All of your carbon savings are tracked over time and are illustrated in a comprehensive manner, so that you can effectively communicate your green progress to your customers.

With Intuit Green Snapshot, you are just a few clicks away from:

  • Viewing a chart that estimates your biggest categories of carbon emissions based on your QuickBooks expenses.
  • Scrolling through recommendations to help your business go greener and save money. Each idea is clearly written, provides a description of how to take the action and offers links to key resources.
  • Sharing your progress with your customers. Giving your green customers a reason to keep coming back!

To access Green Snapshot or view a demo click here.