Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) is seeking quotes for the development and implementation of a FoxyCart payment system for its website ( This engagement should include:

  • Designing “cart” and “checkout” pages aligned with the look and feel of the SSC website (similar color schemes, etc.)
  • Embedding code in the necessary SSC website architecture (we are currently using Square Space—which recommends FoxyCart)
  • Setting up the necessary PayPal gateway and any other necessary encryption/security features.
  • Technical support for any bugs/difficulties during the launch.
  • 1 hour of training/support for SSC employees who will manage Foxy Cart.

The proposal should include your approach to this project, an estimated timeline, costs (including fixed costs, such as PayPal gateway fees), and any additional information you feel would be helpful. Note: we are looking to determine a fixed price contract that includes the above deliverables, so your hourly rate is less important that the overall cost of the project. Your experience, however, DOES matter—so please give us insight into your familiarity and prior experience with FoxyCart and Square Space.

Proposals should be submitted to Denise Buhrau at by August 31st at 3 p.m. ET. We will make a decision by Friday, September 4th and notify applicants of their status at that time. We would like to see the engagement commence immediately, with an initial launch in mid-September and tweaking (as necessary) completed by October 1st.
SSC reserves the right to request additional information from any proposal team, to withdraw this RFQ at any time, and to decline to award the contract if no satisfactory quotes are submitted.