RESOURCES: Sustainable City Rankings

Dispatch from SSC Intern Stephanie Castellano

Ever wondered how sustainable a certain city is? Or how your city compares to others? A new website hosted by the National Resource Defense Council will tell you just that. This website ranks large, medium, and small sized cities in the United States based on nine main attributes: air quality, energy production and conservation, environmental standards and protection, green building, green space, recycling, transportation, standard of living, and water quality and conservation.

As of right now, the rankings for the top five large sized cities are:

1) Seattle, Washington
2) San Francisco, California
3) Portland, Oregon
4) Oakland, California
5) San Jose, California

The rankings are part of a new project called the Smarter Cities Project. The project aims to encourage competition among the cities as they strive to become smarter, more efficient, and sustainable cities. On the website you can find the rankings, as well as, stories on the top fifteen cities, forums where people can share ideas, and information on how the research was obtained.

Find out where your city falls here at Smarter Cities.