NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

Last week we were once again happily busy with the new and exciting sustainability happenings here at SSC. We travelled right over to Japan (well, virtually at least) to talk to Kevin Cameron about his sustainable touring company called One Life in Japan, analyzed what sustainable water use means for businesses (new white paper), looked at new trends in restaurant space sharing, renewable resources (bamboo) and alternative fuels (hydrogen) and dissected news coming from Exxon Mobil’s investments in biofuels and FERC’s smart grid policy. Read on!


  • One Life Japan – Travel to Japan and discover a tour company that focuses on slow life and environmental values by listening to our talk with Kevin Cameron.
  • Every Last Drop: Water and the Sustainable Business – Our new white paper will give provide you with practical tools for reducing water and saving money, plus a guide to smart water use based on your industry type.


  • Restaurants Sharing One Space – Discover a sustainable and creative way of cutting costs, protecting the environment and benefiting from a fruitful business symbiosis.
  • Hydrogen – Are we looking at the new power fuel?
  • The Rise of Bamboo – Bamboo grows fast (is rapidly renewable) does not require pesticides, uses little water, and pulls carbon dioxide out of the air faster and better than other plants.


Stay tuned for more interesting sustainability happenings!