NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

Last week was jam-packed with sustainability resources here at SSC: from the Carbon Footprint 101 guide for food retailers, the latest sustainable city rankings and the free book “Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air”, to useful tips for selling intangible green benefits as well as insights on how sustainability affects philanthropy. It can all be yours to use... for building a better future of course! Also, don’t miss our inside views on energy innovation and property rights as well as airlines’ efficiency. Read on!


Inside Views From the SSC Team:

  • Energy Innovation vs. Intellectual Property Rights – A Necessary Inquiry into Values – Recently, America entered into a formal understanding with China in which the two nations expressed their intent to cooperate with one another in order to address and solve the global warming (also known as climate change) dilemma. But what about property rights? The business sector was quick to react to the memorandum of the agreement.
  • Airlines and Efficiency – Things are changing in the airline camp. Electric planes, solar power planes, and other forms of efficient aircraft are being tested by multiple aviation companies.

Stay tuned as more is to come!