NEWS: NASA's Green Building Will Also Monitor Green Employees

Dispatch from SSC Intern Crystal Kirsch

NASA recently announced their plans to build a new office building in California that will not only be state-of-the-art but also environmentally friendly. The “Sustainability Base” will break its ground later this month and is said to be the greatest sustainable building of all federal government facilities. The building will be LEED certified in the highest ranking of the system – platinum plus. It will boast such eco-friendly amenities as solar panels, fuel cells, recycling systems to reuse water, geothermal heating and cooling and has aimed to use no net energy. It will also have a computer-controlled system to control windows in order to take advantage of the heat and cold when necessary.

And not only will the building be advancing on sustainability, the employees will be keeping track of their green goals as well. Each employee will be tracked by the building on their energy efficiency while in the facility. They will receive updates on their progress through laptops setting high goals for competition on efficiency.

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