NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

If you are interested to find out what biomimicry is, discover the additional sustainability efforts of Whole Foods, learn about the benefits of retroffiting and get up-to-date regarding our latest Green Auditor Certification course – then read on because we have it all covered.


• Biomimicry Part 1: Biomimicry is a field of study undertaken to look at the designs, processes, cycles, and mechanisms by which other species have thrived, in order to adapt some of these principles to our own products, processes and even management strategies.

• Retrofitting - A Unique Opportunity to Save Money and Reduce Emissions: What are the benefits of retroffiting? What does the new NY State Senate bill include to enhance this measure towards sustainability?


• Whole Foods Market Enhances its Sustainable Business: The already environmentally conscious grocer just purchased enough Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset 100 percent of its electricity use in all North American locations.  The 776 million-kilowatt-hour energy purchase is the largest purchase of renewable energy to date by any U.S. retailer.  

• SSC Completes Fourth Green Auditor Certification Class – Expands to Canada: We are more than pleased to announce the conclusion of the fourth SSC Green Auditor certification course since the program’s inception in 2008. Twelve environmental consultants from around the U.S., and one from Vancouver, Canada, have completed their training and are now authorized to use the SSC Green Audit methodology with their clients.