NEWS: Last Week @ SSC

Last week was full of sustainability news and analysis here at SSC – from a biomimicry eye on business, NY State’s new green hospitality program and the pre-Copenhagen climate talks to Hawaii’s ambitious plans to cut GHG emissions and the projection of the new green movie “Crude – The Real Price of Oil”. Read on – we have it all covered!


• Biomimicry Part 2 – Eye on Business: Learn how business operations can flourish by the example of nature.

• Hawaii’s Ambitious Plans to Lessen Its Dependence on Oil: Hawaii plans to generate 40 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2030.


• New York State’s Green Hospitality Program: A new certification is being introduced to award environmentally sound management practices through a five-leaf rating system.

• World Leaders Engage in Climate Talks Anticipating Copenhagen: Last Tuesday’s UN climate summit paved the way for the Copenhagen climate negotiations.

• 'Crude - The Real Price of Oil' in Movie Theaters Near You: Throughout this fall season, Joe Berlinger’s documentary “CRUDE The Real Price of Oil”will be debuting in select U.S. cities.  The film documents the legal battle concerned with cleaning up the severely contaminated Amazon Rainforest.

Stay tuned as more is to come.