NEWS: New Book “Climb the Green Ladder” Released!

Dispatch from SSC President Jennifer Woofter

After many months of hard work, our colleague Shari Aaron must be bursting with pride to see the publication of her new book Climb the Green Ladder.  Co-authored with Amy Fetzer in the UK, the book is sure to take the world of "green careers" by storm.  

Check out the book's website, with has a complete description of the book's methodology, press events and readings, and information on the authors.  In the meantime, need a quick overview?  Here’s the product description:

Want to make your workplace more sustainable, get ahead in your career and improve your reputation?

Want to help your company or organisation save money, boost profits and improve its brand?

Whatever your level or industry, from sales and management to government and teaching, Climb The Green Ladder offers practical knowledge to help you make a difference. Whether you’d like to transform your entire company or just get your colleagues recycling, Climb The Green Ladder will provide you with the tools and motivation to move your company (and career) towards a more successful, more sustainable future.
The twin challenges of the economic meltdown and climate change means we must act quickly to evolve our businesses to weather the storm. You can ensure your company or organisation saves money, reduces environmental damage and improves its performance while you advance your personal reputation and further your career.

Step by step, Climb The Green Ladder identifies the key themes that underpin successful sustainability strategies, including real-life case studies from people who’ve done it, to create a comprehensive tool-kit for action.
Authors Amy Fetzer and Shari Aaron undertook extensive research to find out what works and what doesn’t. They surveyed hundreds of employees and employers, and interviewed over 80 sustainability specialists who have successfully changed their workplaces from within to reveal the secrets of their success.

I got my copy this week, and have almost made it through to the end.  I wanted to write this blog entry and share my favorite part, but I’m having a hard time choosing from among the many gems.  Instead, I’ll share my revew:

As the owner of a sustainability consulting company, I get inundated with requests from people who want to get into the "green industry". They are full of passion, and many are brilliant in their respective fields, but they have a hard time figuring out how to transition into a green career. Now I can point them to "Climb the Green Ladder" - either as a starting point, or in conjunction with professional career coaching. I know they will be inspired by the wealth of fantastic case studies in the book. But perhaps more importantly, they will have a step-by-step roadmap for making that transition in their own lives. What a great resource!

If you are hoping to make your career a little bit greener in 2010, I can’t recommend this book highly enough!