VIEWS: What Will Sustainability Consultants Be Doing in 2010?

Round-up from the SSC Consultant Network

It's that time of year when everyone looks back at 2009 and forward to 2010.  We're on that bandwagon too!  

We asked several colleagues to answer the question: what projects will you focus on in 2010?  Here are their answers…

Jessica Vreeswijk, Green IT Tools

Green IT Tools will be focusing on helping organizations to see how green projects can contribute to the economic recovery.  We will also be focusing on how a recovery period is an excellent time for renewal and can present many opportunities to rethink old assumptions.

Laura Rhodes, Whistler Centre for Sustainability and Natural Step Canada

My focus is on exploring processes to deepen innovation toward sustainability on a local community-wide scale. What if people remembered what they forgot about being a neighbor?

Erik Froyd, The DevDesign Compact and Common Fields

In 2010, I’ll be focusing my time on agriculture sustainability assessments and strategy development through my work with Common Fields.  I’ll also be working on local economic development based on the principles of sustainability and through the deployment of sustainable technologies through The DevDesign Compact.

Anne DeMelle, Sustainable Business Consulting

In 2010 I will be working with my clients to communicate their sustainability initiatives through CSR reporting.  I will also be focusing on employee engagement and training.

Shari Aaron, Climb the Green Ladder

Launching Emerging Sustainability Leaders program in NYC starting in February.  Speaking at some exciting events in Jan and Feb and looking for more ways to get the word out about my extensive research and book - Climb the Green Ladder.  Looking forward to collaborating more with other like-minded folks moving sustainability from the fringes to the center of the conversation.