SSC NEWS: What’s so great about the SSC Premium Membership in the Consultant Network?

The SSC Premium Membership is designed to equip you with all the resources, knowledge, a and network of professionals within the sustainability industry (covering just about every facet of sustainability you can imagine).

Great, but what you really want to know is:

“What’s in it for me?” 

 At a quick glance, it includes:

*A unique bio and resume profile page on our websiteYes, you get to add your background and contact information to our website! You will immediately have access to 500 professionals, representing more than 20 countries, in the sustainability industry. Just think about the new business opportunities that await you! 

*Access to our discussion boards.  This premium access allows you to post your own ideas, questions, and resources to elicit feedback from SSC Consultants.  In addition, you can compare sustainability calculators, view a list of 150 sustainability consultancies, and watch our favorite sustainability-related YouTube videos. Pretty cool, don’t you think? 

*FREE access to our single session Webinars.  While non-members will pay for each of these as they register, your membership will allow you to bypass the payment (via a unique premium member coupon code) to go straight to registration. Non-members, eat your heart out!  

*Anytime, on-demand access to our training.  Even if you miss an event or can’t make the next one, you can download our recordings.  This alone is worth over $500!  Which again, non-members would have to pay for!

*50% off our very popular sustainability certificate classes.

*Access to our partnership discounts, awarding 25%-50% off, specific coupon codes, and discounts to some of our favorite events.

*SSC consultant network updates.

*White Papers, Quick Tips, and Podcasts.


If you sign up in October, we’ll include our Green Team Toolkit, FREE!  ($175 value). This product is currently only available to premium members! 

Membership is annual, so if you do the math’s, it’s around $20.00 a month! Not too bad… when you look at it like that, right?

We interact through Facebook, LinkedIn, and our e-newsletter. And a growing number of us are building a community through the SSC Consultant Network “premium membership”. So, what are you waiting for? Become a Premium Member today!

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