VIEWS: Greening your Next Office Event

Planning a Halloween or Holiday Season Event for your office?  We’ve got some tips and easy suggestions to make your next festivity a sustainably smashing success!  
  1. Location, location, location:  Think about the venue.  Is it near public transportation?  Is it centrally located? Organize a party bus or encourage employees to car pool. 
  2. Food:  If your party is catered, make sure the caterer uses reusable cutlery and crockery.  If you must use disposable, consider visiting for supplies, to see what they have in stock. If you’re the food provider, consider potluck and investigate what the in-season harvests might be.  
  3. Invitations: Email rather than print your invitations, advertisements, and reminders.  Also, suggest that guests RSVP via email.  Many email invitation sites, such as and will allow you to design and send beautiful invitations for free.
  4. Decorating:  If you’re in charge of the decorations, buy wisely.  Try to find items that can be used for more than one occasion, and store them securely for your next event. Or consider doubling up by using your “green gift” as a decoration on the tables. 
  5. Recycling:  Make your recycling facilities prominent and easy to use.
  6. Gifts:  Rather than spending money and resources on a traditional office gift (read: cupboard stuffers), consider making a donation to a charity in the honor of each guest.  Prefer something tangible?  Check out for some inexpensive ideas.

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And, of course, don’t forget your Birkenstocks for dancing.  Please share your green office event tips for our other readers below!

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