NEWS: Last week at SSC

Dispatched by the SSC Team

A week ago we released the State of the Industry Survey for all practicing sustainability consultants to take. To date, we have half the responses we usually get! We are beginning to wonder if this is because the recession wiped out the weaklings, or if business is so great that no one has time to take it.

This survey is designed to help you! Yes, you! We take the findings and summarize them into a document that you can use for your planning in 2011. The survey will help you to identify what type of salary you should be earning, what your clients are focusing on, what the upcoming trends in the sustainability industry are, not to mention the real “biggy”... Is your competition as a Sustainability Consultant increasing?

All you need to do is answer 14 survey questions! It will take you approximately 10 minutes! You have the option to receive the summarized results in three weeks time. The State of the Industry Survey will provide you with very interesting findings, and help you to better align your skills to meet the requirements of the trends in the sustainability industry for 2011.

Don’t delay – Take the survey now