WHAT'S NEW: EscapeMaker.com & Strategic Sustainability Consulting Launch Green Tourism Webinar & Self-Audit Guide

Dispatched by the SSC Team

New York, NY – November 2010 –  Can the tourism industry save the planet and still profit by “greening” themselves? New York City based EscapeMaker.com, and Washington D.C. based Strategic Sustainability Consulting think so. In a series of educational initiatives for travel marketers and lodging managers, the two companies have partnered to offer: Green Tourism: Save the Planet & Save Your Bottom Line.

The 45-minute webinar, delivered by Jennifer Woofter, President of Strategic Sustainability Consulting and Caylin Sanders, President of EscapeMaker.com is an introduction into the Green movement, and geared towards eco-minded destinations, hotels and B&B’s who might not be prepared for L.E.E.D or regional certification yet, but who seek to be in the future. The webinar covers the two sides of Green Tourism: operations and facilities and marketing and promotions.

Webinar Topics covered include:

  • Greening Operations with 6 Easy Green Actions for Practical Savings
  • Going Green on a Budget and Conducting a Self-Audit
  • Forming a Green Overnight Package & Attracting Green Meetings to Your Venue
  • Effectively Communicating a Green Travel Brand
  • Easy & Affordable Ways to Promote Your Green Package Online and Offline

In addition, customers will receive:

  • A Green Self-Audit Guide and a White Paper on national Green Certifications, resources and associations developed by Strategic Sustainability Consulting
  • A free listing in EscapeMaker.com’s Green Travel section and $10 in advertising clicks. Businesses can rate themselves 0-3 in 7 different sustainability areas

“We’ve been talking about doing this webinar for 3 years, says Jennifer Woofter, “but at the time there just wasn’t enough momentum in the industry to sway people that this was the future of tourism. But now, the economic and environmental evidence is overwhelming and more hotels, B&B’s and destinations are willing to invest and renovate facilities – they just might not know where to start yet.” In business since 2005, Strategic Sustainability Consulting conducts on-site sustainability audits for all industry sectors, focusing on maximizing their client’s greatest return on investment. “Greening operations and facilities makes fiscal sense over the long-term and also doing the responsible thing, equates to more loyal customers,” Woofter says.| 

Launched in 2000, before the term “green” was in fashion, EscapeMaker.com’s core mission is to promote local events, resorts and lodgings accessible by mass transit and also the natural areas within a few hours of New York City, i.e the Catskills of New York, the Poconos of Pennsylvania and the Jersey Shore. “Since the Eastern Seaboard, and particularly the New York City metro area is so networked into various modes of mass transit, it makes sense to link these escapes to stressed eco-minded urbanites who so desperately need them. But the transportation component is the easy part,” says Sanders. “Now, we need our tourism partners to not only develop more eco-packages and experiences but also leverage social media and other channels to promote their products – and we’re committed to educating them about this.”

The “Green Tourism: Save the Planet & Save Your Bottom Line” Webinar, Green Self-Audit Guide and Certifications White Paper is downloadable for purchase at a promotional rate of $39.00 through December 1, 2010 here: www.escapemaker.com/webinars/greenwebinar. 
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