NEWS: GreenCare Awards Spotlight America’s Greenest Health Care Facilities

Dispatch from the SSC Team

We are delighted to be co-sponsoring the GreenCare Awards with the MD News Network and Healthcare Insight Magazine. Designed to spotlight America’s greenest health care facilities, the awards program is open to all physician offices, specialty practices, hospitals, and health care systems. Applications are open until December 1 – so if you’re a health care facility “going green” don’t miss this opportunity to be recognized in your industry’s major magazines.

(If you’re just a regular person, consider sharing this opportunity with your health care providers!)

Some basic information is below – for the complete scoop go to There you can find a complete description of rules, eligibility, judging, and prizes.

The GreenCare Awards annually highlight the nation’s leading hospitals, healthcare systems, and physician practices committed not only to caring for patients, but also to protecting the planet. By achieving excellence in environmentally friendly health care, GreenCare organizations are advancing the practice of medicine and improving the quality of patient care—now and for future generations.

From reducing waste and recycling to community education and LEED Certification®, recipients of the annual GreenCare Award are leading the way among America’s healthcare organizations in environmental sustainability and stewardship of our planet’s natural resources.

Every healthcare organization in America is eligible for a GreenCare Award. The application process is simple, and prospective recipients are evaluated in several areas, including (among others):

  • Organizational Commitment
  • Architecture and Design
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance
  • Purchasing
  • Recycling and Waste Management
  • Resource Conservation
  • Transportation

GreenCare Mission: The mission of the GreenCare Awards program is to empower healthcare providers with resources and tools to align the marketing and communications function with the facility’s overall sustainability strategy. This is accomplished by promoting and delivering the organization’s environmental messages in a responsible and strategically appropriate manner.

GreenCare Vision: The GreenCare Awards program is designed to champion medical facilities across America focused on environmental responsibility. The GreenCare Awards and its sponsors, Strategic Sustainability Consulting, healthcare insight and MD News magazines, provide healthcare and medical facilities across America a platform from which to promote green initiatives to their peers. Through our awards program, we provide hospitals, medical facilities, and physician offices a resource that offers a framework for understanding and highlighting green competencies—helping healthcare marketers and communication experts shape their environmental-awareness message in a manner that is in keeping with the larger green movement evolving in the healthcare industry.