VIEWS: Sustainability Planning

Dispatched by the SSC Team

Looking toward 2011 provides an opportunity (ok... an obligation) to set new priorities for the coming year and to benchmark your business’s successes in relation to your goals.  Along with your company’s operations, financial performance, and upcoming business opportunities, take a look at your sustainability progress.  Have you written a sustainability report?  If not, have you begun to collect necessary information? If so, have you identified you Key Performance Indicators for success? 

Sustainability reporting lends credence to your efforts, and provides a predigested set of information for interested parties.  If customers haven’t started demanding transparency yet, they will soon. 

We offer an “On-Demand” Webinar via our website, titled How to Write a Sustainability Report.  This is a 60 minute presentation on how to define your objectives, the Global Reporting Initiative, monitoring your progress, and sharing your findings.  December’s a great time to get started!

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