VIEWS: Fitting Your Green Team into Your Leadership Puzzle

Dispatched by the SSC Team

Tanveer Naseer, a business coach and author, posted an editorial on his website this week citing evidence from a study done by Adam Grant, et al.  The overall premise of his piece is that personalities play an important role in business.  Both introverts and extroverts have their place in the leadership strata, and most importantly, can offer great value to a company when their skills are properly deployed.     

We think these points offer great insight into the implementation of a sustainability strategy, and even on how to identify key members for a green team.  Naseer breaks down the players into three categories:

  1. Employees to lead the change:  If your small business is in an early stage of its sustainability strategy, go-getters can be your greatest enthusiasts.  Rather than shirking from progressive change due to uncertainty, these types can energize and encourage others within the organization to buy-in.
  2. Employees to help others:  Maybe you’ve met some resistance in implementing a sustainability strategy, or your company is enduring a difficult financial period.  Employees who display empathy offer solidarity to your team, and encourage others to stick around until things improve.
  3. Employees who see the big picture:  En route to a new goal, it can be hard not to get caught in the minutia.  Employees who can see outside of the immediate task are key in prioritization, particularly if one avenue may be a dead end.

Naseer summarizes that we’re all driven by the desire to feel that what we’re doing matters.  Personality traits in your people can play a large role in the overall success of your initiative, and your initiative will likely positively impact your people.

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