VIEWS: Clear Skies Ahead: A Green Business Forecast

Dispatch from the SSC Team

Call us biased but, at SSC, we’ve always believed that sustainability would become a key profit driver and component of business strategy within the global economy. Whenever that notion is backed up with some good, hard facts, we just have to share! recently published survey results pertaining to the forecast of the green economy.  Good news! The future is bright.

The survey compiled nearly 500 responses and categorized its findings by company size. Those companies with revenues exceeding one $1 billion were deemed large (we’ll say!) and the remaining organizations were classified as small. Additionally, the survey compares this year’s results to last, further emphasizing the growth and upward trends within the green economy.

Let’s talk numbers. Here are some of our favorite stats from the survey:

  • 35% of large organizations attribute customer demand to driving their environmental strategy, a clear shift from last year’s most prominent driver – the economic downturn.
  • 84% of large companies and 70% of small companies plan to spend the same amount, or more, on environmental initiatives. In 2009, only 63% of large companies planned to do so!
  • 28% of large companies and 20% of small organizations plan to increase their environmentally minded staff within the short-term. Get those resumes in check!
  • While investing in green product development used to be the primary initiative on corporate sustainability plans, energy efficiency is now claimed to be the top priority by 34% of large companies and 26% of small companies.
  • 69% of small organizations cite green initiatives as key components of innovation strategy. Not only do we consider weaving sustainability throughout an entire company to be crucial to its success, we just wrote about it! Check out our last blog to learn more. 

Basically, no matter the size of the company, environmentally motivated hiring, spending and strategizing is on the rise! Think you might be behind the curve? No problem. We can get your organization up to speed in no time. Contact us or check out our service offerings to find out how we can assist your organization in becoming more sustainable.