VIEWS: A Lesson in Sustainability Consulting: Closing the Deal

Dispatched from the SSC Team

Upon hire, you might be the best sustainability consultant in the world. Congratulations would be in order but, what if, you can’t seem to get in the door? Therein lies the criticality of a dead-on pitch. 

Consulting Magazine recently released an article chronicling ten thoughts and predictions regarding the consulting industry, as a whole. Detailed within were several points that we feel directly relate to capturing big business. Here are a few:

  • “Consulting means thinking ‘in the head’ of the client.” We couldn’t agree more! In order to get in the door, you need to know not only what your client wants and needs but also the constraints she is working within. Do your homework! No one wants to hear a pitch that you could have given to another client the day before.
  • “Methods, tools and expertise-based consulting will disappear and be replaced by hard facts and evidence-based and analytical consulting”. Think you have great ideas? Prove it! Make sure you go into your first meeting with data, not guesswork.
  • “Consulting as we know it today will disappear.” Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box when you are delivering a pitch. Innovation begins with one brilliant idea and, who knows, it could be yours!
  • “Onsite delivery is vanishing, offsite consulting is the way to go.” Be prepared to extend a virtual pitch. It not only shows versatility but also that you are conscious of your potential client’s time and money.

While not in direct relation to practicing your pitch, per say, our favorite statement within Consulting Magazine’s article was the following: “Sustainability, green and environmental consulting is the business to be in: ‘green sells’.”

Alas, we digress. The point is that your skills matter very little if you don’t have the opportunity to use them. The SSC Consultant Network is a great place to obtain best practices from your peers within the industry. Still hungry for more? Listen in on one of our training focused Webinars.