SSC NEWS: Sustainability Reporting: Disclosing your Key Financials

Dispatched from the SSC Team

One challenge of writing a compelling and complete sustainability report arises from the publicizing of private information.  As most small (and private) businesses are not accustomed to publishing financials, the task of sharing some of these findings can be both daunting and uncomfortable.  We understand this issue, and would like to offer our sustainability report, in whole (on our website) and in part (below), as an example:

Our key financials, including Operating Costs and Employee Compensation are further broken down by percentages, and we compare our 2010 revenue with previous years through graphics.  In the corresponding narrative, we offer historical context of our 2010 numbers, as well as an informed explanation of changes from previous years.

In addition to the graphic overview provided, the EC indicators of the GRI provide an excellent guide for general economic progress reporting on the following page. 

If you’re ready to publish your own sustainability report, see our on-demand training on How to Write a Sustainability Report.

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