SSC NEWS: Sustainability Report: Environmental Footprinting

Dispatched from the SSC Team

Footprinting is a high profile component of any sustainability report.  From our experience, we know the complexities that accompany this particular section, especially relating to carbon emissions.  Questions arise including how to measure carbon emissions when your operations are growing, and how to segment different sources of the GHG.  We’re always minimizing our impact through telecommuting and webinars, but still find certain forms of transportation unavoidable.  For example, this year, a single trip to Asia caused a jump in our emissions. Still, this trip allowed us to share sustainability consulting services with a client in China, so should that effort negatively reflect upon our overall impact? An excerpt from the Environment section of our sustainability report goes on to describe potential methods of measurement going forward:

In addition to measurement, we have pledged Carbon Neutrality through purchasing carbon offsets.  This year, we partnered with, offsetting our emissions through a Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project.  For more information on offsets check out our free whitepaper Carbon Offsets and the Voluntary Market

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