SSC NEWS: Sustainability Report: Our Social Impact

Dispatched by the SSC Team

In our Sustainability Report, we subdivide our social impacts into three main sections:  Labor Practices and Decent Work; Human Rights; Society Performance.  These categories are clear choices for reporting as the GRI has set indicators for measurement, the LA, HR, and SO series, respectively. 

Utilizing a standardized structure for these potentially dubious categories offers two significant benefits.  First, the GRI serves as an internal sanity test, reminding us of all of the different dimensions of social impact, not just those that we consistently pay attention to.  It forces us –and other small businesses that use them- to think about the challenges we face having a smaller staff.  Second, and related to the first, it lends legitimacy to our findings.

In order to address some of the Labor (LA) indicators, we created a table, which we then referenced to answer to indicators such as gender, age, region, and turnover.  This visual display, similar to those used in other sections of our report, offers a succinct summary that’s a quick reference for interested parties. 


Please see our full Sustainability Report on our website, at