SSC NEWS: Sustainability Reporting: Product Responsibility

Dispatched by the SSC Team

The final section of our 2010 Sustainability Report that we’re highlighting in our blog is titled Product Responsibility.  In this section, we discuss how we, as a service company, measure our customers’ satisfaction with our products and the importance we place on delivering value. 

The GRI offers Product Responsibility (PR) indicators, guiding our reflection on the topic, and give a range of adherence principles from legal standards to the number of substantive complaints.  As with our other sections, we share a visual display showing an overview of responses to our satisfaction inquiries.

To view the complete version of our sustainability report, please click here.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our report’s highlights!

If you’re interested in writing or improving your own sustainability report, check out our on-demand webinar, How to Write a Sustainability Report.

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