EVENTS: Sustainability Consulting Master Classes 201 and 301

With our live Sustainability Consulting Master Classes coming to a close tonight, we wanted to remind you that we offer the updated courses year-round via our website’s on-demand training.  Now that we’ve completed 201 and 301 (301 was not live, but was updated and emailed to registered participants), the corresponding course recordings are available for your on-demand learning pleasure. 

In Sustainability 201, Jennifer specifically covered:

  • High-growth areas within sustainability consulting in 2011 (green building, renewable energy, training/facilitation, etc.).
  • Clients you can expect to see hiring in the next 12 months—and the ones that will drag you along forever and never commit.
  • Key competencies that every sustainability consultancy should be able to provide.

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In 301, we moved on to:

  • Writing contracts for sustainability consulting engagements
  • Project management tools to ensure you stay on time and on budget
  • Communication strategies for different types of clients—and different employee levels
  • Setting clear standards for success

Interested in a sneak peek? 

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With each update of the course, we focus on the most relevant and cutting edge information, much of which is informed by our annual survey of the sustainability consulting industry.

If you’re interested in joining us live tonight for Sustainability Consulting Master Class 401-Creating Better Proposals, click here!

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