NEWS: Welcome Back

Dispatched by the SSC Team

Welcome back and happy new year!  We bring in 2011 with green business success stories from the preceding year:  General Electric has grown it's green fleet, including the Chevy Volt, and plans to continue to grow it's green vehicles to 25,000; P&G, for the first time, has set aggressive long-term goals for renewable energy sourcing; Eco Index showed an example of the outdoor apparel community, including clothing, equipment, and footwear manufacturers, collaborating on a set of standards for the industry; other large companies including Walmart and Nike have continued to strive for sustainability leadership, raising standards among competitors.

But what does all of this mean for small businesses? Among other things, small businesses are generally afforded a longer time horizon than large (often public) businesses beholden to shareholders.   This provides a greater incentive to exemplify success (albeit with fewer resources) to bring an idea to market.  Small businesses are granted more flexibility in exploring what sustainability ideas make business sense, without the burden demonstrating an enormous NPV to concerned parties.

Throughout the month we’ll be highlighting some of our efforts through portions of our sustainability report.  We hope this will lend some insight into what we’ve done so far, what we’ve learned, and where we’re headed.  If you’re interested in developing your own sustainability report,  we offer an on-demand sustainability report training session through our website.  

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